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Rental Equipment

Rental equipment is a lucrative business that is expanding rapidly. As more company’s loan out heavy equipment and machinery such as medical supplies, construction equipment, and factory machines, opportunity for growth increases. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Rental Equipment offers a specific solution to the road-blocks that occur in operations. Keeping all orders organized, tracking the use and depreciation of materials, and managing inventory are all difficult processes made easy with our Dynamics 365 solution.

The Top

Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Rental Equipment

Integration with Microsoft products such as Office and Outlook

Full customization of reports and tools to tailor to your business needs

Track pricing and inventory as well as record resources

Monitor equipment utility to clarify depreciation, service/maintenance needs, and determine the best time to sell assets

Create enhanced rental kits for bulk & combination items

Track transport and start/ termination fees

Offer better customer service with automated calendars that give team members a complete view of rental dates and availability

Expand globally with multi-currency capabilities

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