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Magento Connector

If you currently use Magento for eCommerce sales, you may be going back and forth between your ERP and the Magento platform to update and manage data. The Magento Connector solves this issue by integrating your Dynamics 365 ERP directly with Magento so your team can manage everything in one eCommerce solution.

Order Management

All new sales orders and associated customer and billing details are automatically synced from Magento to Dynamics 365, reducing order processing time and enabling rapid fulfillment.

Automated Synchronization

Any product created or updated in Dynamics 365 is automatically reflected in Magento along with related details such as product category, product name, description, pricing, etc.

Real Time Fulfillment

Fulfill an order in Dynamics 365 and see it immediately reflected in Magento, along with its shipping and tracking information.

The Top

Key Features

Use product and collection APIs to access store catalogs.

Update and publish an unlimited number of products from Dynamics 365 ERP in Magento.

Display inventory in real time on Magento directly from your ERP.

Arrange inventory by availability or warehouse location.

Download new web customers and create them as a customer or contact in Dynamics 365 ERP

Display past orders, transactions and any historical data

Sync online payments on Magento with ERP sales order table.

Show custom shipping rates at checkout and update tracking directly.

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