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Increase revenue and ensure customer satisfaction with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Automotive. Whether your business focuses on car sales, auto repair, rental services, manufacturing, spare parts, or heavy equipment rentals, we offer a completely integrated solution for operations that is guaranteed to streamline your systems. By using an (ERP) system to capture all automotive management into one solution, your team can track important data and documentation and recognize pain points in current operations.

The Top

Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Automotive

Manage B2B and B2C relations in the automotive industry

Optimize work with vehicle OEM (original equipment manufacturer) systems

Manage retail operations with automated systems and reports

Calculate an inventory value and manage service networks

Ensure multiple inventory (stock) management

automotive industry

Review and document insurance transactions for repair works

Control the spare part inventory

Manage non-stock online catalogs

Process ordered and received auto parts

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