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Pharmaceutical industry is a highly competitive market that includes strict regulations for testing, and marketing of drugs. In addition to the standard challenges that come with running a large-scale business, pharmaceutical companies must focus on compliance and keep great amounts of confidential data safe. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Pharmaceuticals offers a single solution for all these pieces of operations and more, to help you manage your business efficiently, while still keeping legalities in place.

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Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Pharmaceuticals

Create marketing automations and deployment campaigns directly from the ERP system

Track sales team expenses and quotas as well as sales and revenue

Organize field appointments and product samples

Ensure FDA compliance and track documents for multiple projects all in one place

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Create dashboards and reports for business growth and compliance purposes

Monitor operational systems and view clogs in the sales pipeline

Create, view, send, and update customer orders all in one place

Access important data and documents from any device, anywhere

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