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Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a cloud-based business intelligence platform that offers customized reporting to visualize and share data. Its features connect directly to your Microsoft Dynamics ERP and include apps, connectors, and software services for a greater view of your business. Access reports and dashboards anytime from any device.

Complete Business View

Discover and share meaningful insights quicky with industry-leading AI to enhance timely data-driven decision-making.

Link Multiple Data Sources

Get data extraction from your CRM, Oracle, SQL, ERP and sync with free connectors like Excel and SharePoint.

Predictive Analytics

Outline key performance metrics with predictive analytics and create reports that are personalized and useful.

The Top

Key Features

Access Anywhere

Access reports easily from any device with internet connection, allowing your team to always be informed with metrics and have quick collaboration.

Sales Data

View data on product development, customer feedback, and more to work efficiently and see what is working vs. what needs adjusting.

Better Inventory Management

Get inventory levels in real-time so customers always get the products they need efficiently. Also, reduce waste by avoiding overstock.

Visualize Strengths and Weaknesses

Create custom reports based on important metrics to your team, such as product sales, to track for areas of improvement as well as strengths.

Consolidate Data

Combine and export data from many servers and sources directly into an automated date system with Power BI.

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