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Retail management requires cohesion of multiple departments and systems to work efficiently. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for retail, businesses can integrate and condense systems into one database to help reorganize production processes. Access inventory in real-time, view customer trends, and make better decisions for the business with advanced analytics. The Dynamics 365 for Retail platform is a convenient tool to enhance customer experience and increase revenue, with easy start-up and integration.

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Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail

Personalize customer recommendation using data from previous purchases

Offline capabilities for Point-of-Sale system ensures function during service outages

Integrate Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail with third-party POS solutions while still keeping important data in your ERP system

Offer brick and mortar and eCommerce buying options while still collecting orders and tracking inventory in one convenient system

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Create and view visual reports on any device, whether it's online or offline

Track inventory both in-store and in-warehouse and note replenishment status at any given time

Track behaviors and trends from customer data to inform product purchasing

Review order statuses and customer profiles to provide better customer service

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