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Professional Services

Professional services such as marketing, legal, business consulting, and accounting have unique goals and operational needs in order to succeed. These successes are focused on customer satisfaction and the ability to create and implement projects on time and within client budget. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Professional Services offers one complex system that maintains everything your business needs to efficiently reach these goals and track progress over time. Our solution gives you the right technology to deliver greater value to customers, optimize employee workflows, and streamline operations for both today and tomorrow.

The Top

Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Professional Services

Project Financials, Operations and ERP unified into one enterprise-wide solution

Make the most of tech with minimal disruption while creating capacity for development of new customer and employee experiences

Increase agility by quickly adapting to shifting engagement requirements

Complete process integration, real-time insight, and better outcomes for consulting enterprises

Deliver value from executives to project managers to your end client. Every stakeholder is aligned and working together

Minimize systems vulnerabilities while being compliant with licensing and current technology

Proven technology that expands with emerging needs and stabilizes during ongoing innovation that paces the rapidly changing tech landscape

Real-time visibility into capacity and profitability

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