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Warehouse and wholesale distribution is actively growing in the online space. Whether customers consist of commercial, industrial, or other wholesale businesses, operations are difficult to manage without the proper systems in place. Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution for distributors enables businesses to collect all data in one place, so that the sales pipeline can run as smooth as possible. Track inventory, sales, shipment schedules, KPIs, and more all within a single integrated platform.

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Key Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Distribution

Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to best forecast customer performance

Restructure management with route planning and automated inventory replenishment

Access data from any device, anytime, anywhere

Empower staff and enhance customer journey with an integrated view of the customer profiles

distribution industry - dynamics 365

Manage, plan, and analyze financial processes efficiently

Multi-currency and multi-language functionalities

Automated workflows to reduce staff time and potential errors

Complete overview of business with advanced analytics and insights

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