Dynamics Resource specializes in delivering an assorted range of professional services for business organizations across the globe. Our portfolio of service offerings encompass consultations, software implementations, business process optimization and round the clock assistance. We follow custom methods of delivering our services and incorporate requisite customizations to meet the most pressing needs of emerging business organizations. Apart from our vast experience and on-demand expertise, we offer advanced business management solutions to enhance the collective productivity and efficiency of organizations across industries.

ERP Implementation Services

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software is a modern solution that facilitates marked improvements in the day to day operational, financial and process-specific needs of organizations. As leading-edge Microsoft Certified Dynamics 365 implementation professionals, we ensure hassle-free implementations to suit the management needs of your business. We consult directly with our clients to evaluate their existing systems, recommend suitable solutions, and create customized implementation strategies.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation services provided by us are geared towards enhancing the capabilities and transform the workflows of organizations with the aid of advanced digital solutions. We can initiate and complete the entire process of digitally transforming your business, to create an ecosystem more attuned to current customer demands. An aspect of our services is utilizing cutting-edge data-driven insights technology to generate improved engagement and customer experiences. With our offerings, your organization can effectively enhance and automate operations through the synchronization of people, resources and assets. We can drive aggressive growth for your organization.

Migration & Upgrades

Is your organization better suited for migration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 from currently used applications like Salesforce, QuickBooks or conventional spreadsheet software? At Dynamics Resource, we are experts of facilitating completely streamlined and minimally disruptive migrations to the all-encompassing Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem. Our technical prowess, product knowledge, and deep experience make your migration effortless. We handle all fundamental steps including licensing, application configuration, 3rd party integrations, support and data migration.

Managed Services & Hands-on Support

Managed services are one of the standout offerings catered to businesses globally, with fundamental offerings including 24 hours proactive monitoring, and round the clock SLA-driven support. Our experienced professionals can be relied upon for managed service aspects like backup and disaster recovery, application maintenance and support, network infrastructure, storage and server support, and more.

Expertise Consultation Services

As a group of experienced certified business management implementation and support experts, our expertise goes towards performing a thorough evaluation of your existing workflows and software systems. Considering your business goals, we are able to create intelligent strategies for improving your existing infrastructure with Microsoft Dynamics 365, and other advanced business management applications.

Cloud/Azure Services

Moving your business-critical data and key applications to Cloud hosting is simply the most logical step forward. As certified Microsoft Cloud partners, we can facilitate the easy migration of your key processes to the Azure platform. Deployments performed by our trained professionals are quite secure and generate optimal performance. We can equip your organization with greater storage capacity, cloud-based process agility, and top-level encrypted data security.

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